Have an estate or probate to complete?
 Have a vacant or unwanted house?
 Have a house that needs updating or repairs?
 Need to sell due to a divorce?
 Are you behind on your house payments?
 Tired of tenants?
 Are you facing foreclosure or bankruptcy?
 Making unwanted house payments?
 Struggling with the uncertainty of when your house will sell.
 Putting the house on the market & waiting for offers.
 Relying on an agent to perform or keep their promises
 Doing fix up work to please a picky buyer
 Becoming an unwanted landlord
 Hoping a bank will approve a Buyer’s loan
 Having a Buyer back out at the last minute
 Doing repairs identified by an inspection or appraisal
 Worrying about a vacant house & related expenses
 Making house payments you don’t want to make or can’t afford
 We use private funds so we can close when YOU want to!
 We don’t list houses, we BUY
 No commissions or closing costs to pay
 You don’t have to do any repairs.  We buy “as is"
 You can leave any or all of your “Stuff”
 We offer custom options that no one else will
** The Sierra Group, LLC is a member of the BBB **
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